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[sticky post] First Post - Introduction


I'm Carla, 21 years old. I'm from the Philippines. I love photography. I'm also a striving law student. A very diverse person who likes completely different and random things.

I'm an avid fan of Arashi since 2008 but known Matsujun since 2004. I'm a proud victim of Jun-bait. He is still my ichiban though I love Arashi as a whole.I'm also a girl with many fandoms. Beside my undying love and obsession for Arashi, I have a liking for JE idols, Nishikido Ryo (& Kanjani 8), Ikuta Toma and Tamamori Yuta (& Kis My Ft2), Matsumura Hokuto, Lewis Jesse and Japanese actors/actress, Haruma Miura,  Inoue Mao, Oguri Shun, Kitagawa Keiko, Matsuda Shota, Kanata Hongo, Narimiya Hiroki, Koji Seto and Shida Mirai.

I'm a proud Maotsujun shipper who thinks Mao and Jun should get married already and stop all the sneaking around and tell everyone they're in love with each other.

I have become a Messenger (Colton Dixon's fan). I will be posting random rants about him in here. Those posts would be centered on his music, smoldering eyes and amazing hair.

This journal will be filled with crazy stuffs about those fandoms I just mentioned. I tend to voice out my opinions and comments about articles or happenings. You would often find those kind of post here. I also write fanfictions about Maotsujun though I have been slacking. Some real stuffs would be posted here too but those will be friend-locked.

If after reading all my interest and crazy obsessions, you want to add me then go ahead. I would love to make new friends who share the same interests with me.
Everyone, let's make storm! :D

..Believing is Everything...

JDramas List

I was bored these past few days so I decided to list down all the jdramas I've watched. I can't remember some of them though. (it is kinda frustrating for me. haha) The jdramas listed has no particular order. I just list it down randomly.. haha..

Since I always forget, I think by listing them down it will help me.. xD

>edited ( I have also included the dramas I am currently watching. xD)
>last updated: February 20, 2012

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Matsujun's new movie!!!

After five years, it has been announced that Matsumoto Jun will be starring in a new movie entitled "Hidamari no Kanojo." Finally, I've been praying for him to have a new movie and now he have one, and it's a romance movie. YES!!! Ueno Juri will be his love interest in the movie. Hmm. Interesting~ Odd pairing but let's see. I like Ueno Juri's acting though. Not really a fan but I don't hate the girl. Haha. The truth, I don't really care who is acting with Jun as long as he has a new movie. xD

I can't wait for the movie. The story intrigued me cause from the article it was mentioned that it has fantasy in it. The director was also the one who directed Solanin and Bokura ga ita, and I love those movies. Really looking forward to this movie.

Ohh and Lucky Seven SP too. I love that it will be like a Kimi wa Petto reunion with JunxEitaxSatomi. :))

I was supposed to post this earlier but I was busy. Here's my reaction to Colton's elimination on American Idol.

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This is my comment about an article posted on aramatheydidnt last March 18.

*I wanted to post this earlier but I was busy with real life stuffs.

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J's Otanjoubi...

Today is Jun's birthday. So yeah, I wouldn't miss posting my greetings to my ichiban. I may have been "inactive" in posting but I made sure I will post today.


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Nino's Birthday~!!!

I saw a post in aramatheydidn't regarding the inappropriate behaviour Jun shown in one of the episode of VS Arashi. This episode is the one with Miura Haruma and the cast of his new drama “Taisetsu wa koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta” (and people thought that natsuniji’s title is long). So curiosity had taken over me and so I decided to download it. And just last Wednesday the first subbed version came out. Of course, I downloaded it but I had only watched it a few hours ago.


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